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Join the fun and excitement of the festival by volunteering to work a shift, and play for free the next. And you get a festival t-shirt as well as know that you've helped us raise money for the Wildlife West Nature Park and helping Kids 17 and under get in free to our events.

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A Volunteer

Becoming a volunteer for NMRCF and PVSF provides several benefits for our community nonprofits and for kids education. Not directly educating but with your volunteering we are able to continue offering Kids 17 and under free access to our festivals. The Wildlife West Nature Park in Edgewood NM is a 30+ wild animal rescue for several New Mexico wildlife that can't live safely in the wild, a place of rest, safety and care.

There are many areas you can volunteer at the festivals, as front gate help, bathroom upkeep, trash can monitoring, vendor assistance, set up, building, painting, stage helper, game support, parking assistance.. runner for the security/safety office. Customer service. and you don't have to be in a costume.

Most of our volunteers become crew members, cast members in costume as they continue the experience within our events.

If you are interested and wish to volunteer and help the festival, or just see how it all works and be a part of it, contact our Volunteer Director Michael Cato. He's a UNM Grad Student that started out volunteering and is now in charge of the volunteer pool and the front gate of our festivals. See his contact email below. Submit your contact information and current phone number to be considered for the program.


I'm always looking for new and exciting people. Let's connect. "Cato"

575-749-1275 main office NMRCF

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