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Festival Details


Arrrr matey, it's show time at the festival.

We are gathering the 2024 entertainers for your enjoyment, from around the country and some local Pirates too and will update this as our 2024 season comes together, stage times may change as well as entertainers.

Tingley Beach Bucceneers.JPG

Fantasy Amphitheater Stage

SATURDAY 10 -6pm

10:15 Santa Fe Flow Collective

11:30am Nordic Daughter

12:20pm Crimson Pirates Trio

2pm Shamshir Troop

3:20pm Santa Fe Flow Collective

5:20pm Nordic Daughter

ADULT PARTY 6pm to 9:30pm

Special ticket needed

6:30pm Crimson Pirates

7:30pm Tea & Strumpets

8:15Santa Fe Flow Collective Fire

8:50pm Brethern Of the Sunken Skull

SUNDAY 10 -6pm

10:15 Santa Fe Flow Collective

11am Nordic Daughter

11:45 ADULT Costume Contest

12:30pm Santa Fe Flow Collective

2pm Shamshir Troop

3pm Nordic Daughter

4pm Santa Fe Flow Collective

Albuq Sword Lab Promo picture.jpg

Albuquerque Sword Lab

Exhibition Schedule

Albuquerque Sword Labs

SATURDAY, Aug 19th

10:30 AM Introductions and Free Sparring

11:00 AM Weapons Workshop

1:00 PM Weapons Exhibition Tournament

3:35 PM Free Sparring

SUNDAY, Aug 20th

10:30 AM Introductions

10:40 AM Weapons Exhibition Tournament

1:00 PM Weapons Workshop

2:00 PM Free Sparring

pirate group.jpg

Pirates Cove Stage


10:30amBrethren of the Sunken Skull


12pmBrethren of the Sunken Skull


2pm Kids Costume Contest

3pm Brethren of the Sunken Skull


5pm Brethren of the Sunken Skull



10:am Brethren of the Sunken Skull

12pm Brethren of the Sunken Skull


3pm Brethren of the Sunken Skull


Kids Costume Contest.jpg

Ol'e Barn Stage


11:30am  Tea & Strumpets







11:45 ADULT Costume Contest





viking pagen band.jpg

Viking Village Stage


10:15am Johnny Hexx

11: Qeteshque, Belly Dance Majesty


2:20pm Johnny Hexx

4pmQeteshque, Belly Dance Majesty

5pm Johnny Hexx

6pm Qeteshque, Belly Dance Majesty


10:20am Qeteshque, Belly Dance Majesty

11:20am Johnny Hexx

12:30pm Qeteshque, Belly Dance Majesty

1:30pm Johnny Hexx

2:30pm Qeteshque, Belly Dance Majesty

4pm Johnny Hexx


Games for all ages

Tomato Toss $5

Ring the Bell

Kids Bell $2 Adult Bell $5

Dunk The Wench $5

Petting Zoo

Donations to help care for the animals


Maslena Rescue Foundation


One of the best festivals in New Mexico, Pirates and Vikings are coming to Edgewood, 3 - Stages 25 shows/performances each day

Festival dates and times

Saturday, Aug. 19th, 10 am - 6 pm

(adult fun party 6-8pm)

Sunday, Aug. 20th, 10 am - 5 pm

87 North Frontage Rd Edgewood, NM 87015

Current Vendor List and stages 6/28/24

Storm Seer Forge-Viking

Stones And Bones

Hide & Dye Kraftwerk

Strongman Ring the Bell

Viking Camping and Ship History

SilverLeaf Creations

Cactus Fire Pottery

Mordakins Eye

Dark Stranger Meadery

Icee Wenches- Pirate

Lizard Tail Brewing

The Brethren of Sunken Skull

We Geek Together

Live Your Best Life

Cervantes Pirate Camp


Paul's Camp

Lunar Rabbit Metaphysical

Valence Arts

Tomato Toss

Dunk Tank

Maggie “The Fox” Acquired Goods

Dancing Dolphins Art Face Painting

The Witch Hovel

New Mexico Fairy Hair

Ariel Greeley Jewelry

Psychic Amory Turkish Coffee

Fantasy Amphitheater Stage

Maslena Rescue Foundation

Troop 459 Grub Shack Food

Heritage Meat Pies

Shake It Up Lemonade

Desert Dog Design

Kerr's Imports

The Dragons Lair

Spirit Dog

Rocky Mountain Beards

Zphyr Winds Leatherworks

Popcorn Plunder

Feather & Stone Emporium

Little Toad Creek Brewery 

Noble Novelties

Dreads & Threads

Fox & Rabbit

the Crew by Marissa Duran.JPG
Kids Costume Contest.jpg

Tickets are always available at the Gate!

FREE PARKING! Sponsored by

(looking for your business to sponsor)

- Adult Ticket is $30 at gate

Senior/Military/Veteran $20

- Kids 17 and under come in free

Entertainment starts at 10:15

Kids and Adult costume contests


Kim Vivian Viking History

 Adult Party Saturday Night

online add-on $10/ at festival $25

5th Annual Pirate Viking Summer Festival

2024 Tickets

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